Meet The Team

Our CEO Blake & Chairperson Darren

Darren is our Chairperson, who loves hanging out with our office dog, Blake. Darren is currently Curriculum and Quality Lead for Music and Sound Production at New College Lanarkshire. He is a local boy, with a passion for music and community empowerment. Darren started his journey as an NRFG volunteer, then staff member, to eventually become Chairperson.

Our Service



Kirsteen has been our service manager since October 2018. She brings a wealth of statutory and voluntary sector knowledge, skills and experience. Kirsteen doesn't know how to stop working, and as such pours her everything into our organisation. Did we mention she has another 2 jobs? Kirsteen was led to NRFG through her love of dance and she doesn't stop doing that either.

Our Community Engagement Officer


Erin is one of our newest members of the team and a local musician. Erin astounded us when she rapped at her job interview. She instantly gave us 'the feels'. Erin is passionate about music and bringing her community to life through the creative arts. Erin regularly raps at regional gigs and works in collaboration with other amazing hip hop artists. Erin has a secret talent - she is an outstanding whistle player (the most underrated instrument ever!)

Our Access Tutor Chris

We borrow Chris every week, as part of our partnership with New College Lanarkshire. Is there anything that Chris cannot do when it comes to music and sound production? NO! The guy is a genius! He co-leads our SQA Access to Creative Industries course and simply loves our students to bits. Nothing is ever too much trouble for Chris and we are very lucky to have him.

Our Director


Paul is a Community Services Officer with Glasgow Life. He is also a local artist, who is passionate about accessible community arts. Paul brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in relations to community assets, services and developments. Paul is everything you would imagine a quirky artist to be, and more!

Our Amazing Volunteers

Nothing would be possible without the help of our amazing volunteers. Local people simply giving back to the communities in which they are invested. A true testament to the power of community spirit.

Our Creative Assistant Cerys

Cerys, started her journey with us as a young volunteer, and she is now a thriving part of the staff team. Cerys is a natural musician with a passion for drumming. She loves nothing more than leading our community parades with a bass drum strapped to her. Cerys is simply a delight to be around and you will never find her without a smile.

Our Breakdancing Tutor


Chaz is our super talented Breakdancing tutor. He was breaking before he was walking, and has been delivering workshops across the world for several years. He is absolutely committed to his craft and draws the very best out of the young people he works with. 

Our Director 


Derek is employed with the SRC as their National Recovery Community Development Officer. Derek completed NRFG’s Access to Creative Industries course before moving into full time employment with Addaction. He also recently started his own CIC, The Recovery Collective. This has enabled NRFG to develop a new partnership and provide further opportunities for our service-users to perform at a popular event. Did we mention he has some questionable dance moves?

Our Red Rubies Assistant Naomi

Naomi started her journey as an NRFG participant, then volunteer and now sessional staff with our youth band, Red Rubies. Naomi is quirky, sweet and plays the ukulele like a pro. She also has a beautiful voice, and supports our youth band with her talent and encouragement.

Our Treasurer


George is the world's most pleasant man, and he has been involved with NRFG for longer than we can remember. He is an outstanding Treasurer and asset to our Board.  George has recently retired from his role as Vice President Strategy and Finance at Royal Dutch Shell. He is a qualified accountant who brings a wealth of knowledge, skills and experience of finance management, accounting and strategic development.

Our Director


Karen brings the glamour to the organisation and is our newest member of the Board of Directors. Karen is a freelance consultant for bookkeeping, accounting, finance management, HR and strategic development. Karen is passionate about community empowerment. She brings a wealth of knowledge, skills and experience within her consultancy role.

Our Project Assistant


Geri is our resident DJ and project assistant, who can pretty much do anything! Her passion is working with young people and my gosh do they love her! Geri has been working with NRFG for a number of years now and we would be lost without her. If she isn't spinning beats, you will find her in a yoga class!

Our Sighthill Arts Project Lead


Consuelo is an Art School graduate with a wealth of community arts experience. Originally from Spain, Consuelo brings the sunshine with her always. Consuelo leads on our Sighthill co-design workshops and is passionate about creativity and the positive impact it has on people's lives. If you find Consuelo without a coffee in her hand there is something wrong!

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