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Meet The Team


Our Chairperson Ken

Ken joined the Board of Directors at the start of 2021. His day job is in the world of risk and finance ,and he has a love of all things that can be put in a spreadsheet. He also has a love for the arts and a belief in their restorative powers. Ken was appointed our Chairperson in 2023 and he is doing a swell job.


Our Service



Kirsteen has been our service manager since October 2018. She brings a wealth of statutory and voluntary sector knowledge, skills and experience. Kirsteen doesn't know how to stop working, and as such pours her everything into our organisation. Kirsteen was led to NRFG through her love of dance and she doesn't stop doing that either. She is the creator of our Recovery Rhythms programme: fusing recovery principles with the art of dance.


Our Assistant Manager Stacey

Stacey started her journey as a volunteer with us, and is now an integral part of our team, managing all aspects of our day-to-day operations.

Stacey is the most organised person we know, with a great eye for detail.

In her spare time, she loves nothing more than spending time with her family.

Did we mention she is a qualified florist and fantastic baker too?


Our Project Coordinator Catriona

Catriona coordinates our services and supports for older adults. She is a delightful human being, with a passion for the arts.

Always positive, compassionate and hard working. An integral part of the team, and we love having her.


Our Trustee

Paul is a Community Services Officer with Glasgow Life. He is also a local artist, who is passionate about accessible community arts. Paul brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in relation to community assets, services and developments. Paul is everything you would imagine a quirky artist to be, and more!


Our Amazing Volunteers

Nothing would be possible without the help of our amazing volunteers. Local people simply giving back to the communities in which they are invested. A true testament to the power of community spirit.


Our Trustee

Chris is our newest member of the Board of Directors. He is currently the Director of Client Development for a global operations excellence company.

Chris is a lover of the great outdoors, his family and his dog. When he isn't flying all over the world for work, he enjoys spending his time in the countryside with his family.

Chris has an abundance of enthusiasm for our charity, and brings a wealth of knowledge, skills and experience to our Board.

Our Sighthill Arts Project Lead


Our Creative Assistant Angela

Angela is our Tik Tok obsessed Creative Assistant, who helps out at our Senior Lunch Club, Access to Creative Industries course and community events. She is just like Peter Pan; the adult living in perpetual childhood. She is a gem and always knows how to get everyone laughing.


Our Music Tutor

James takes the lead on our Access to Creative Industries course. He is a Music and Sound Production lecturer at New College Lanarkshire, and we are graced with his skills and knowledge twice per week, as he runs our class.

James is a good guy. Just one of those all round sound people.

We appreciate you James.


Our Secretary


George is the world's most pleasant man, and he has been involved with NRFG for longer than we can remember. He is an outstanding Secretary and asset to our Board.  George has recently retired from his role as Vice President Strategy and Finance at Royal Dutch Shell. He is a qualified accountant who brings a wealth of knowledge, skills and experience of finance management, accounting and strategic development.


Our Treasurer


Karen brings the glamour to the organisation and is our newest member of the Board of Directors. Karen is a freelance consultant for bookkeeping, accounting, finance management, HR and strategic development. Karen is passionate about community empowerment. She brings a wealth of knowledge, skills and experience within her consultancy role.


Consuelo is an Art School graduate with a wealth of community arts experience. Originally from Spain, Consuelo brings the sunshine with her always. Consuelo leads on our Sighthill co-design workshops and is passionate about creativity and the positive impact it has on people's lives. If you find Consuelo without a coffee in her hand there is something wrong!


Our Creative 


Geri is our resident DJ and yoga instructor, who can pretty much do anything! Her passion is working with young people and my gosh do they love her! Geri has been working with NRFG for a number of years now and we would be lost without her. If she isn't spinning beats, you will find her in a yoga class!


Our Creative Assistant

Roisin is a local resident who started her NRFG journey as a volunteer. She is now on our staff team, and helps with the Adult & Baby Sensory Play, and the Senior Lunch Club. Probably the best bingo caller in all the land, and everybody loves her.

I’m a paragraph. Double click me or click Edit Text, it's easy.

I’m a paragraph. Double click me or click Edit Text, it's easy.

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