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We use a variety of rhythmic interventions to help people's hearts beat.

Music Recording


Music is a powerful tool for education, healing, wellbeing, communication and engagement.

We provide a wide variety of musical interventions such as, music tuition, DJ sessions, recording opportunities, silent discos, songwriting and live performance opportunities.

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We designed a bespoke dance-based programme, aimed at helping people recover from addiction, trauma, poor mental health, stress, grief and loss, through the art of dance. We deliver this programme across a variety of recovery communities, prisons, schools and community settings. 

Nothing gets the heart beating quite like dance.

Fitness Class
Art Class


We use a wide variety of visual arts to support our community members such as painting, drawing, photography, clay modelling, crafts, spray painting, prop making....the list is endless.

A magnificently effective tool for settling the mind, enhancing focus, concentration, motor skills and positive mental health.


What better way to connect to the natural rhythm of the universe than to immerse yourself in

Mother Earth? 

We provide food and plant growing opportunities at our base in Sighthill. Our community members love to get their hands in the dirt and watch their own food grow. Its a great way of practicing patience, as well as enhancing positive mental health, physical wellbeing and reducing our carbon footprint.

Children's Day Celebration


There is nothing more powerful than a community who comes together to create their own united rhythm, which is what we aim to achieve in our community events.

We use a variety of creative tools to co-design community events and festivals; designed by the community, for the community. A fantastic way of bringing people together and establishing a positive community identity.

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